Dues Waiver Options

Active Military Service Dues Waiver

Members of the Ohio State Bar Association in good standing, including applicants pending approval, shall have their dues waived upon request while serving on active duty* in the Armed Forces of the United States. This dues waiver is good for one year, renewable for up to four years. The OSBA Report online shall be emailed to such members’ military email addresses. Hard copies of the OSBA Report and all other publications will be sent only upon request.

* Must serve active duty for more than 60 days to qualify for this waiver.

Click here to download the Military Dues Waiver Form (PDF).

Administrative Dues Waiver

OSBA members who are experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to pay full OSBA dues may apply for up to a 50 percent dues waiver. The dues waiver is for one year only, renewable for up to five years.

Click here to download the Dues Waiver Policy Form (PDF).

Disability Dues Waiver

Members in a good standing who become disabled may request a waiver of dues until they are able to return to work. Before a dues waiver can be granted, the member must:

1) submit a written request to the Director of Membership Services for the disability dues waiver stating that the payment of OSBA dues would be a financial hardship;

2) submit proof of disability by attaching a statement of disability from an attending physician or from the Social Security Administration or from a disability insurance company;

3) submit to the Association verification of continued disability every two years. Disabled members shall have all the rights and privileges of regular members.

The decision to provide the Ohio State Bar Association Report and other publications will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Click here to download the Disability Form (PDF).



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