OSBA Advertising Policy

This policy governs advertising in the publications of the Ohio State Bar Association and on the OSBA website. OSBA publications include Ohio Lawyer, Ohio State Bar Association Report and OSBA Report Online, as well as any other of its publications that the OSBA determines will accept advertising.


  • The Ohio State Bar Association reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted for publication.
  • While advertising copy is reviewed, no endorsement of any product or service offered by any advertisement is intended or implied by publication in OSBA publications (electronic or print) or on the OSBA website.
  • Advertising must be consistent with the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct; however, publication of an advertisement does not constitute a determination that it complies.
  • Pre-payment is required for all first-time advertisers.
  • The OSBA will not accept the following types of ads:
    • Religious;
    • Political candidate;
    • Political issue (except for those issues upon which the OSBA Board of Governors has taken a position);
    • Tobacco and alcohol;
    • Lotteries, contests;
    • Pornographic material;
    • Firearms;
    • Illegal products/services;
    • Improper, distasteful, obscene; and
    • Ads deemed not to be appropriate for publishing by the OSBA.
  • In addition, the OSBA will not accept the following types of ads on the OSBA website and/or in digital publications:
    • Ads that are direct competitors of OSBA CLE; and
    • Ads that are direct competitors of the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company.
  • OSBA may accept video ads, including for display and publications as part of continuing legal education.
  • Advertising from lawyers is accepted in OSBA print publications because those publications are directed to lawyers and law-related persons or businesses. Digital advertising from attorneys or offering legal services whose products or services compete with OSBA members will only be permitted in member password-protected areas.
  • OSBA staff review ads and determine if content is appropriate. Staff shall develop a guide and protocols for reviewing ads.


Accepted by the Ohio State Bar Association Board of Governors at its meeting Jan. 24, 2014.



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