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Published bimonthly, the award-winning Ohio Lawyer® features articles on legal developments and issues, as well as columns from the OSBA president and executive director. Other columns highlight legislative issues, ethical and malpractice concerns, technology updates, book and website reviews, and legal news briefs. Ohio Lawyer helps Ohio’s attorneys stay current and share in-depth information on the legal profession with their colleagues around the state.

Cost per thousand: $55.91 (based on full-page, black and white ad, one-time).

Ohio Lawyer Editorial Calendar

Because Ohio Lawyer strives to include information on timely topics, feature articles are determined during the course of the year. The following is a list of regular features that are included on an annual basis, as well as a list of past topics. 

Editorial content reflects topical issues. Special insert recognizing OSBA CLE speakers.


A special insert on the OSBA Annual Convention, including the schedule and registration information.


Editorial content reflects topical issues.


Profile of the new OSBA president. Profiles of new OSBA Board of Governors members. 


Editorial content reflects topical issues. Special insert on OSBA member services.


Special insert on OSBA sustaining members. 

Past topics include:

  • Lawyer ethics.
  • Legal fees and Ohio's corporate directors.
  • Attorney and judge misconduct.
  • Employer mandates.
  • Legal practice guide.
  • Future-proofing the practice of law.
  • Billing rates, attorney incomes and other trends.

Artwork Specifications

Digital files only. Call for specifications. The publisher reserves the right to alter incorrectly sized ads to conform to advertising format. Special position requests are not accepted. 

  • Full-page bleed: 8¾ x 11¼; trim size: 8½ x 11
  • Half-page horizontal: 8¾ w by 5¾ h; trim size: 8½ w x 5½ h
  Width (in.) Height (in.)
2-page spread 17 11
Full page 8 10 1/2
1/2 page (vertical) 3 3/4 9 3/4
1/2 page (horizontal) 7 1/2 4 3/4
1/4 page (column) 1 3/4 9 3/4
1/4 page (box) 3 3/4 4 3/4
1/8 page 3 3/4 2 3/8

Preprinted Insert Specifications

The preprinted insert rate is $1,858 per issue when inserts are furnished according to mechanical specifications. All inserts are stitched in the magazine. Inserts must be submitted for mechanical approval prior to acceptance. Charges for inserts that require tip-in, trimming or other special handling costs are in addition to space rate. Please contact Terry Henson or the OSBA Advertising Department, for details and shipping information at (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-4453.

  • ​Preferred paper stock
  • Uncoated: At least 60 lb. text weight
  • Coated: At least 80 lb. text weightDouble cards or single-card with tab
  • All card inserts must have a 1/4-inch head trim. If submitting a single card with a tab, the tab must be 5 inches wide. If the card is designed to be torn out, advertiser must supply the card insert with slot perforations already included. Inserts with backbone perforations are accepted.

Full-page insert with tab

A 1/4-inch head and foot trim and 3/8-inch high folio or 1/8-inch low folio face trim are required. Tab must be 5 inches wide.

Two-page spread insert

A 1/4-inch head and foot trim and 3/8-inch high folio and 1/8-inch low folio are required. The dimensions for a two-page spread are 11 1/2 inches high by 17 1/2 inches wide, sent folded for placement into the magazine. If the insert is designed with bleeds (the final printed dimension would be 11x17), make sure to bleed 1/4-inch into the trim.

Black-and-white rates

  1X 3X 6X
Full page $1,911 $1,627 $1,344
1/2 page 1,092 917 759
1/4 page 698 541 447
1/8 page 382 328 268
Insert $1,858    

Color/preferred rates

  • Four-color: $775 additional.
  • Outside back cover: Earned rate plus $328. Back cover ad designs must allow postage label space at the top of the page.
  • Inside front cover: Earned rate plus $273.
  • Inside back cover: Earned rate plus $218.

Preferred positions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All preferred positions are full-page, four-color process only. Contracts for covers may not be cancelled.

Space reservation and material deadlines

Ohio Lawyer is published six times per year. Ad placement orders will be accepted as long as space is available, until the ad artwork deadline. Artwork is due the first of the month preceding issue date.

Ad placement deadline
Ad artwork deadline
Jan./Feb. Nov. 26 Dec. 2
March/April Jan. 21 Feb. 3
May/June March 24 April 1
July/Aug. May 26 June 2
Sept./Oct. July 21 Aug. 4
Nov./Dec. Sept. 22 Oct. 1

Contract cancellation policy

No cancellations are accepted after the placement deadline. When new art or instructions are not received by the deadline, previous ads will be repeated according to contract.

All advertisers who do not fulfill their complete contract will be rebilled for the rate difference between the number of times their ads actually ran and the number contracted.


A 5 percent discount is offered to advertisers who prepay a year’s advertising and run at least three times in Ohio Lawyer. Payment must accompany order.


It is the advertiser’s responsibility to review ads and report errors immediately after the first run. The OSBA is responsible for only one incorrect insertion.

Contact information

Regular mail:
Ohio State Bar Association
P.O. Box 16562
Columbus, OH 43216-6562

UPS and express deliveries:​

Ohio State Bar Association
1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, OH 43204

Phone: (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-4453
Fax: (614) 485-3053



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