Ohio Lawyer Artwork Requirements

Artwork Specifications
Digital files only. Call for specifications. The publisher reserves the right to alter incorrectly sized ads to conform to advertising format. Special position requests are not accepted. 

Full-page bleed: 8¾ x 11¼; trim size: 8½ x 11

Half-page horizontal: 8¾ w by 5¾ h; trim size: 8½ w x 5½ h

  Width (in.) Height (in.)
2-page spread 17 11
Full page 8 10 1/2
1/2 page (vertical) 3 3/4 9 3/4
1/2 page (horizontal) 7 1/2 4 3/4
1/4 page (column) 1 3/4 9 3/4
1/4 page (box) 3 3/4 4 3/4
1/8 page 3 3/4 2 3/8

Preprinted Insert Specifications
The preprinted insert rate is $1,858 per issue when inserts are furnished according to mechanical specifications. All inserts are stitched in the magazine. Inserts must be submitted for mechanical approval prior to acceptance. Charges for inserts that require tip-in, trimming or other special handling costs are in addition to space rate. Please contact Terry Henson or the OSBA Advertising Department, for details and shipping information at (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-4453.

Preferred paper stock
Uncoated: At least 60 lb. text weight
Coated: At least 80 lb. text weight

Double cards or single-card with tab
All card inserts must have a 1/4-inch head trim. If submitting a single card with a tab, the tab must be 5 inches wide. If the card is designed to be torn out, advertiser must supply the card insert with slot perforations already included. Inserts with backbone perforations are accepted.

Full-page insert with tab
A 1/4-inch head and foot trim and 3/8-inch high folio or 1/8-inch low folio face trim are required. Tab must be 5 inches wide.

Two-page spread insert
A 1/4-inch head and foot trim and 3/8-inch high folio and 1/8-inch low folio are required. The dimensions for a two-page spread are 11 1/2 inches high by 17 1/2 inches wide, sent folded for placement into the magazine. If the insert is designed with bleeds (the final printed dimension would be 11x17), make sure to bleed 1/4-inch into the trim.



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