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​The Ohio lawyer’s bi-weekly practice resource, the OSBA Report® is the first to publish the most recent decisions from the Ohio Supreme Court, in addition to decisions from Ohio appellate courts. In 2001, the Ohio State Bar Association was named the joint official reporter for case law in Ohio by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The OSBA Report also publishes the latest opinions from the Ohio Attorney General and the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline. The OSBA Report includes legislative updates and classified advertising with dozens of statewide job opportunities every week.

The bi-weekly OSBA Report is cited in OSBA surveys as the product that provides the most value to lawyers in their law practices. It is the essential resource for success for Ohio lawyers.

The OSBA Report Online® is the e-mail version of our weekly Report, with a circulation of more than 19,400 and growing. This e-mail publication contains comprehensive case summaries, as well as links to online weekly classified ads, legislative updates and the latest OSBA news. Online advertising opportunities in this electronic version are now available.

Cost per thousand (print): $26.22 (based on full-page ad, one-time).​

Display ad rates

  1X 6X 12X 26X
Full page $698 $660 $633 $601
1/2 page 502 475 458 420
1/4 page 261 256 246 229


Advertiser must furnish acceptable electronic file such as PDF or TIFF.   A 133-line screen is preferred. Special position requests cannot be guaranteed. Ads may be rotated in the layout. The publisher reserves the right to alter incorrectly sized ads to conform to the advertising format. ​

Mechanical requirements

  Width (in.) Height (in.)
Full page 5 7 5/8
1/2 page (horizontal) 5 3 3/4
1/2 page (vertical) 2 1/4 7 1/4
1/4 page (horizontal) 5 2 1/8
1/4 page (vertical) 2 1/4 3 5/8

Double-page spreads are available by special arrangement. Bleeds are not available.

First-time display policy

First-time advertisers must prepay for their first display ad by ad deadline.


A 5 percent discount will be offered to advertisers who prepay a year's advertising and run at least 12 times in the OSBA Report. Payment must accompany order.

Contract cancellation policy

All advertisers who do not fulfill their complete contract will be rebilled for the difference between the frequency rate appropriate to the number of times their ads actually ran and the frequency rate contracted. 


OSBA members receive their Ohio State Bar Association Report every other Monday, which is the date of publication. The display and classified advertising deadlines are noon, Wednesday, 12 days before the date of publication. Ads are accepted on a space available basis. Holiday schedules may alter this deadline. 

Classified ad rates

Rates OSBA members Non-members
Per word cost $1.15 $2.20
Minimum word charge 30 50
Ruled outline 13 13
Blind box reply service 18 27
Logo (each run, except first) 5.25 8.40

All classified advertising must be prepaid and submitted in writing by mail, fax or e-mail. All faxed and e-mailed ads must be prepaid with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, unless a check can be received by the deadline (Wednesday, noon). For security reasons, please do not e-mail credit card information.

All classified advertising also appears on the OSBA Web site.

Calculating ad charge

When figuring per word charges, every word counts, including heading and reply information. Ruled outline, logos and blind box reply service are in addition to listed minimum word charge.


All classified advertising will be formatted in one consistent style determined by the Report. For specific questions on classified advertising formats, contact Terry Henson at the numbers listed below.


Typographical errors in classified advertisements will be compensated in the form of running the corrected advertisement for one week only (no refunds). It is the responsibility of advertisers to review their ads and report errors immediately after the first run. The Report is responsible for only one incorrect insertion.

Contact information

For more information on display advertising, call (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-4453. Send all advertising correspondence, insertion/placement orders and advertising artwork to:

Regular mail:
Ohio State Bar Association
P.O. Box 16562
Columbus, OH 43216-6562
Fax: (614) 485-305

UPS and express deliveries:
Ohio State Bar Association
1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, OH 43204




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