Cincinnati attorney dances her way to the top

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Columbus, Ohio (June 13, 2011) - Cincinnati attorney Susan Gertz works hard for her clients, and she takes that work ethic with her to the dance floor, where she practices two to three hours per week as a competitive dancer.

Gertz, who has been dancing competitively for seven years, says dance has long held a special place in her heart. “Much of my parents’ courtship involved partner dancing, and my father taught my sisters and I to dance at a young age,” she said.

Gertz resumed dancing as an adult in order to help provide balance for her work life. She currently competes at the novice level in west coast swing and hustle, but is quickly working her way to the intermediate level. Participating in about eight competitions per year, Gertz has traveled to Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Milwaukee. She has finished within the top 10 in multiple competitions over the years and currently has three first place finishes and two second place finishes to her name. What Gertz learns on the dance floor is therapeutic to her as a lawyer. “In my daily life in my profession,” she says, “I have to lead, to be the decision maker. I think dancing helps to balance things out. When I follow, I have to turn off the assertive decision maker that I am and focus only on what I’m ‘hearing’ in my leader’s lead and then respond appropriately. Following is also a skill, as you cannot overcompensate in your response to the lead.”

When she was an undergraduate majoring in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, Gertz became interested in law. After graduating from Capital University Law School in 1995, she returned to Cincinnati to practice in her family’s firm. Gertz enjoys being part of the family business. She says, “Working with my father, my brother and a dear friend, Janet Clark, has truly been a blessing to me. Working with people that I love, trust and respect so much on a daily basis brings me a true sense of joy and satisfaction in my career.” Her practice focuses on civil litigation, tort, contracts, real estate, small business formation and transactions, and nonprofit entities. In the community, Gertz is a volunteer with Cincinnati Right to Life and serves as the executive director of the Women’s Injury Network.

Gertz encourages women who seek a legal career to understand their employment options, and notes that the law “can be a very flexible career that can accommodate working from home for those who choose to also embrace marriage and motherhood.”

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