Cleveland native leads state bar ethics committee

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Columbus, OHIO (April 5, 2010) – As chair of the Ohio State Bar Association’s (OSBA) Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee, Amy Bower knows there is a public misconception about the discipline process. “The public perception that lawyers are easy on each other is not correct,” Bower says. “We take our charge of maintaining the integrity of the profession very seriously, and we take the proper action when the evidence shows wrongdoing.”
The majority of the OSBA Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee’s cases involve complaints against judges, and last year it opened a total of 88 investigations. According to state statistics from the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline, judicial misconduct represented seven percent of the total grievance investigations opened in 2009, while neglect or failure to protect the interest of clients led the way at 38 percent.
Previously, Bower served as chair of the Cleveland Bar Association Certified Grievance Committee, where she had the most memorable experience of her career to date. “It was a disciplinary case against a judge who sentenced a woman to jail to prevent her from having an abortion,” Bower remembers. “We investigated the case and the judge’s suspension was upheld by the Supreme Court. It was a very difficult case, but very rewarding to see that the discipline process worked.”
Bower is the managing attorney of the Columbus office of Plunkett Cooney, and has been a member of the OSBA for 25 years since receiving her law degree from Cleveland State University’s Marshall College of Law.
In her spare time, Bower helps with fundraising for the Fear-No-More Zoo, an animal sanctuary in California, and she continues make the trip back home to patronize the Cleveland Orchestra.
The Ohio State Bar Association, founded in 1880, is a voluntary association representing approximately 25,000 members of the bench and bar of Ohio as well as nearly 4,000 legal assistants and law students. Through its activities and the activities of its related organizations, the OSBA serves both its members and the public by promoting the highest standards in the practice of law and the administration of justice.
EDITORS NOTE: Bower’s residence zip code is 43235.



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