5 things you can do to rock your practice

July 11, 2017

By Gretchen Koehler Mote, JD

The All-Ohio Legal Forum will be August 23–25, 2017, at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. Cleveland is known for generating the rock genre in music, now awesomely housed in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Ohio State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (CLE) at the Forum will also "rock"!


During the All-Ohio Legal Forum in Cleveland, Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company (OBLIC) and the OSBA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Section will present 5 Things You Can Do to "Rock" Your Practice. Attorneys at any phase of practice, in any size firm, will learn useful practice tips in the CLE. Each of the five practice tips will be addressed with a speaker and time for participant questions.


Barron Henley will lead off with the first thing you can do to "rock" your practice: Use Quick Tech Tips. Always popular with attorney audiences, Barron is an attorney who began his career in private practice and, as a self-proclaimed computer "geek," morphed into a computer consultant for lawyers and law offices, now with Affinity Consulting. He will share the latest new programs, apps and devices to make life easier for practicing attorneys—even those who reluctantly embrace technology! You will learn how to make the most of all your devices, whether you connect with iPhone, tablet or laptop. Barron provides common sense information you can actually use!


Follow Practice Management Pointers is the next thing you can do to "rock" your practice. With over 25 years' experience in the area of lawyers' professional liability insurance, Gretchen Mote, director of loss prevention with OBLIC, knows the importance of having practice management procedures and following those procedures! This segment will look at what you need for effective practice management and how using conflicts checking and docket systems, comprehensive data capture, file checklists and client communication systems can help you practice efficiently and ethically. Barron will provide valuable insight on the technology you can use for practice management. We'll cover the latest programs and some new reasons you should consider using them.


Jonathan Coughlan will help you "rock" your practice by learning how to Avoid IOLTA Traps. As the former Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, Jon understands the importance of keeping your IOLTA account in order. As an attorney at Kegler, Brown Hill + Ritter, Jon concentrates his practice in professional responsibility and disciplinary proceedings. He will present tips on the most common traps involving IOLTA accounts and steps you can take to comply with Rule 1.15.


With the internet part of our daily equation, the next tip to "rock" your practice is to Know the Ethics of Using Websites and Social Media. Recent statistics indicate that over 75 percent of consumers search for a lawyer online. In this segment, Barron Henley and Jon Coughlan will explore what you can ethically do to effectively use these tools to reach new clients. Mastering these techniques isn't really optional anymore! Find out how you can do it!


Gretchen Mote will inform you to Track Trends: Developments That Affect Your Practice as the final tip to "rock" your practice. Gretchen daily reads updates from the Oho Supreme Court, OSBA, American Bar Association, specialty bar associations, legal bulletins and various news outlets to stay on top of legal trends—the latest cybersecurity to avoid data breaches and ransomware, new opinions on advertising, and legal fees are a few of the trending areas. You'll have to attend to learn the very latest, up-to-the-minute happenings that impact your practice, because they haven't happened yet!


5 Things You Can Do to "Rock" Your Practice will get you moving toward the future of your practice. You won't want to miss the interchange of questions and answers during the CLE or the discussion that will continue at the Law School Receptions and President's Event that follow the CLE sessions on Thursday. There's nothing like a good "lawyerly" debate on all things "rockin" the legal profession. The All-Ohio Legal Forum is a rare opportunity to see long-time colleagues and to meet beginning, millennial lawyers. I'll challenge you to attend, and see if you don't take home ideas that you can personally use to "rock" your legal world. See you in Cleveland! Until then, rock on!



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