BWC offers Workplace Wellness Grant Program

Injured workerEmployers wanting to improve the health and wellness of their workers can benefit from one of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC) newest programs, the Workplace Wellness Grant Program. It provides funding to assist employers in establishing training and programs to reduce health risk factors specific to their employees.

BWC established the program to study the effect of a wellness program in the workplace on bringing down incidence and cost of accidents and illnesses. The goal is to control the escalating cost of workers' compensation claims through addressing health risk factors. The Workplace Wellness Grant Program's collateral goals are to reduce health-care costs for employers, as well as improve the health of the workforce.

Employers participating in the grant fund may receive $300 per participating employee over a four-year period, which equates to a maximum amount of $15,000 per policy. Employers will be required to work with a wellness program vendor and incorporate the essential components of a successful wellness program. Frank Gates, the Ohio State Bar Association’s workers’ compensation partner, has established relationships with vendors that can assist with the Workplace Wellness Grant Program. Click here for more information.



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