Be safe and smart with an emergency kit in your vehicle

When you need to travel in extreme weather, make sure you are prepared for any and all emergencies. You are probably familiar with the standard roadside emergency kit, including flares, first-aid kit, jumper cables, cell phone charger, water, blanket, flashlight and batteries, but a well-prepared driver will have these, as well:

Wiper blades
Good wiper blades can clear a windshield in less than three swipes without leaving streaks. Keep a set of new blades in your vehicle so you can replace worn blades quickly and on the go.

Portable power
Most drivers think of jumper cables, but a portable power system comes in very handy and you will not have to wait for another vehicle.


Extreme weather or breakdown may leave you stranded, so stow enough food and water to last a few days. Protein bars, nuts and a couple cans of juice and a 12-pack of water should be sufficient.


Know what medications are needed for everyone on the trip and pack enough to last an extended time.

Think “junk drawer.”

Add a $20 bill and change and walking shoes in case you have to hike for help. You should also pack duct tape to repair any number of crises and leaks, and a large trash bag. It can keep you warm and catch rain water, among other needs.

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