Best of Labor and Employment Law (2013 edition) available now

Labor Law coverThe 2013 edition of The Best of Labor and Employment Law is available now.

It contains the most informative chapters from labor and employment program materials developed over the past several years. You could not have attended all labor and employment programs sponsored by the Ohio State Bar Association, but this is your chance to acquire all of the best information in one stand-alone publication.

General topics include:

  • Anatomy of Internal Investigations: Recent Cases;
  • Recent Developments in Evidentiary Issues in Employment Litigation;
  • Retaliation: The Claim that Just Keeps on Giving;
  • Employment Litigation Discovery in the Electronic Age;
  • Employer Liability for Workplace Disability (What Every Employment Lawyer Should Know);
  • ADR: Mandatory Arbitration Agreements and Other Dispute Resolution Options;
  • Public Sector Update; and
  • Concerted Activity Analysis in Social Media Cases.
Order your copy today for just $55, including S&H, at or call (800) 232-7124.



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