CLE teaches how to manage your social media climate

social media climatePlease join OSBA CLE for Social Media, Expectations for Privacy and Workplace Policies—A Perfect Storm on June 15 in Cleveland.

Attorneys must consider all ways in which they engage with social media including:

  • What they create;
  • What they post, read and comment on;
  • The hidden data related to the content;
  • The device used to create and transport the content (such as laptops, Blackberries, smart phone, etc.) and;
  • The device used to manage the data once posted to the social network.

These devices are a tremendous source of information and create a form of self-surveillance from which valuable intelligence about individuals can be obtained.

In this environment, attorneys must manage their use of social media within ethical and professional requirements; discharge their duties to clients; and manage expectations that include concepts of “workplace” and “privacy.” This seminar gives attendees a “way of thinking” about social media that helps explain the competing issues that form a “perfect storm,” and explain the tensions that are created when a public information-sharing network is used for private communications.

This course is worth six total CLE credit hours. Click here for more information, or call OSBA Member Services at (800) 232-7124 or (614) 487-8585.



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