Casemaker Update: Follow us on social media, see more with the combined link and more

We hope you had a fun Halloween! This week we talk about social media, the OR search and the combined link.

Follow us on Social Media

You can get news and tips about Casemaker on social media as well. Find us on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Using the OR Search

Sometimes you may find you actually want a case that mentions either one term OR another term. That is where the OR search comes in. For example using the query alimony OR support will give you cases which mention either word.​

Seeing more with the Combined Link

While you are browsing administrative code, statutes, rules and other materials you may sometimes notice an italicized chapter or section title with the word combined at the end in parentheses. Clicking on this link will give you not just one statute or rule, but all the statutes or rules in that chapter or section. This is helpful if you wish to print the entire chapter or section. It is also useful if you simply do not want to be forced to navigate to each individual statute or rule and would like to view them together.​




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