Don’t let financial jargon fool you: Take this CLE course

Financial helpJoin us for an essential OSBA CLE and learn How to Understand and Analyze Financial Statements on Oct. 1 in Cleveland or Oct. 2 in Columbus (live or through Webcast).

Take this opportunity to improve your ability to communicate with financial and business professionals. Come listen to featured speaker Douglas R. Smith and become familiar with basic financial concepts to be better prepared when examining or cross-examining financial professionals.

Those with limited accounting knowledge will gain the necessary skills to protect clients from deceptive accounting practices and be able to ask the right questions before relying on financial reports.

This seminar has been approved for New Lawyer Training (NLT). New attorneys must complete 12 hours of NLT by the end of their first biennial reporting period.

This course is worth six total CLE hours and six total NLT hours.
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