Findlay High School wins OCLRE state civics competition

Make it an even dozen for Findlay High School. For the twelfth consecutive year, the school will represent the Buckeye State at the We the People National Finals after winning the state competition on Jan. 25, 2013.

More than 150 students participated in event at the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center, home to the Ohio Supreme Court, in Columbus. Findlay’s competitors included:

  • Archbold High School (Fulton County);
  • Bishop Hartley High School (Franklin County);
  • Fostoria High School (Seneca County);
  • Northmont High School (Montgomery County);
  • St. Henry High School (Mercer County);
  • Van Wert High School (Van Wert County); and
  • West Carrollton High School (Montgomery County).
“Every year, we are amazed at both the depth of the students’ understanding of the principles of our country’s founding document and the extent of the analysis undertaken,” said Lisa Eschleman, a competition judge and executive director of the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education, which administers the program. “The critical thinking and participatory skills demonstrated by the students will serve them well as they become active, responsible citizens.”

Judges, attorneys, state legislators, college professors, and other community leaders from across Ohio judged the competition. Using their expertise and background, the judges evaluated the students’ knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and their importance, impact and underpinnings.

In addition to serving as a judge, State Rep. Robert Sprague delivered the keynote address at the closing ceremony and presented the awards to the students. Sprague recalled how his participation in We the People during high school was instrumental in his decision to pursue a career in public service, and he encouraged the students to use the experience to remain committed to active participation in civic issues throughout their lives.

We the People is a nationally acclaimed civic education program, helping students understand the history, philosophies, and evolution of our constitutional government. Upon completion of the classroom study, the students participate in a competition taking the form of simulated congressional hearings.

Content courtesy of Court News Ohio.

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