First woman heads clients’ security fund

The Ohio Supreme Court appointed actuary Sally W. Cuni as the first woman and first non-lawyer to head the Clients’ Security Fund Board of Commissioners. The board is an agency of the state’s Supreme Court that compensates clients of dishonest attorneys when a theft has occurred or when an attorney dies before he or she is able to complete the required work.

Cuni became the board’s chair at the beginning of the year. She was first appointed to the CSF Board in January 2009 by then-Justice Maureen O’Connor, and was appointed to a second full term in January 2012. The Ohio Supreme Court appoints the CFS board chair and the seven commissioners every three years.

“It’s an honor being appointed the first woman and non-lawyer to chair the Clients’ Security Fund Board of Commissioners,” Cuni said. “As an actuary, we deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty on a daily basis, and I will put my number crunching skills to good use on behalf of Ohioans seeking compensation from their dishonest attorneys.”

Cuni is the founding partner and retired president of Cuni, Rust & Strenk, Inc. in Cincinnati. She received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati in 1970 and became a fellow with the Society of Actuaries in 1981.

Content courtesy of Court News Ohio.



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