Important message from OSBA's political action committee

Ohio flagOHIO LAWPAC is the Ohio State Bar Association's political action committee that contributes money to state legislative candidates who can make a difference for our legal system. We contribute only to candidates for the Ohio General Assembly. No contributions are made to congressional, statewide executive, judicial or local candidates.

We support candidates in both political parties with a primary emphasis on lawyer-legislators, legislative leaders and those that support enhancing the administration of justice and effective legal reform. We are the voice of lawyers in the State of Ohio, and our campaign donations ensure that justice is served by helping to elect qualified leaders to the General Assembly.

Please consider contributing to OHIO LAWPAC when you complete your annual dues statement. All contributions are voluntary and any assistance is appreciated. 

Thank you,

Frederick L. Oremus, Chair
Angela L. Bosworth
Richard D. Brooks, Jr.
Reginald S. Jackson, Jr.
Doloris F. Learmonth 




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