OSBA visits law school orientations

Ohio State Bar Association law school liaisons recap orientation activities at their law schools and encourage their fellow students to enjoy the benefits of their OSBA membership.

Capital University Law School

On Aug. 20, 2012, Capital University Law School held its annual professional organization fair as a part of orientation for the incoming 1L students. I was there as the official representative for the OSBA at Capital University, but most of the interaction with the students came from Sue Miller and Judy Quint, two representatives from the OSBA. The event was a great success! Sue and Judy had tons of free stuff to giveaway to the students as they made their rounds to the various tables, and they were able to explain all of the great benefits of free student memberships!

—Joel Glasser

University of Akron

This past week The University of Akron warmly welcomed the newest legal minds to the C. Blake McDowell School of Law. When the night began, the crowed atrium buzzed with nervous chatter and excitement as the students anxiously awaited their first introduction to the world of law. Nervous conversations could be overheard discussing class schedules, professors, and the sobering reality of the Socratic Method and cold-calling. With apprehension filling the room, some older students provided words of encouragement to ease the stress and tension. The crowd quickly fell silent as various faculty members addressed the students and enthusiastically welcomed them to the next great chapter of their lives. As the wide-eyed students slowly digested the new information and cautiously trickled to the next part of orientation, Jeanelle Harden and Cheryl Minnick from the Ohio State Bar Association were there to offer free cookies and pens to lift their spirits. Although not a particularly glamorous day, it was another great start to the academic year. 

—David Armstrong

University of Cincinnati, College of Law

Another year of law school has begun and with it comes a fresh, new 1L class. As the Ohio State Bar Association student liaison for the University of Cincinnati, College of Law, I helped welcome the new 1Ls during their orientation. As they walked the halls between learning about different clubs and how to navigate their first year, I introduced them to the OSBA. Run by the always helpful OSBA law school liaison, Cheryl Minnick, there was a booth and display for the benefit of the 1Ls. We instructed them on the benefits of the OSBA and the reasons for becoming a member now, since it is free as a law student. I also reintroduced the returning 2Ls and 3Ls to the OSBA by passing out literature. We want all law students to take advantage of what the OSBA has to offer, and after a summer of clerking, many of the returning law students may forget about how the OSBA member benefits can help them. These benefits range from health insurance to convenient rental car discounts. By introducing the law students to the OSBA early, it ensures that they will receive its advantages and will be more likely to use the benefits as they continue on after law school, helping them create a network beyond the walls of the University of Cincinnati, College of Law.

—Kyle Correa-Brady

University of Toledo College of Law

The University of Toledo College of Law welcomed the incoming class at orientation during the week of Aug. 15. The new students were very energetic and excited to begin law school. The new 1Ls participated in many informational sessions, which included learning how to brief a case and how to read and prepare for class. The College of Law brought in Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor to address the incoming class, and her speech was enjoyed by everyone. Many upperclassmen attended the orientation events and helped to welcome the class by meeting the 1Ls and sharing their own personal ways on how to succeed in law school. The class as a whole is very outgoing and intelligent, which will certainly help to maintain the amazing learning environment Toledo Law has achieved. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming year!

—Cassandra Dohar



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