More specialized courts awarded final certification

Drug, mental health, and domestic violence specialized docket programs within common pleas and municipal courts are among the programs that have received final certification from the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Specialized Dockets.

Twenty-three specialized dockets have been approved.

There are more than 150 specialized dockets in Ohio courts that bring together court and treatment personnel to work collaboratively to assist defendants with treatment instead of prison for issues such as drugs, alcohol, and mental health. The success of specialized dockets is measured by reduced recidivism, improved treatment, and cost savings.

The certification was approved after the local courts submitted an application, were evaluated during a site visit, and provided specific program materials in response to certification standards that went in to effect in January 2013. Required practices outlined in the certification process include establishing eligibility requirements, evaluating effectiveness of the specialized docket, and assembling a treatment team for implementing daily operations of the specialized docket. The team can include licensed treatment providers, law enforcement, court personnel, other local agency staff, and is headed by the specialized docket judge.

The Commission on Specialized Dockets has 22 members who advise the Supreme Court and its staff regarding the promotion of statewide rules and uniform standards concerning specialized dockets in Ohio courts; the development and delivery of specialized docket services to Ohio courts; and the creation of training programs for judges and court personnel. The commission makes all decisions regarding final certification.

Content courtesy of Court News Ohio.



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