New email scam targeting Ohio attorneys

Some Ohio attorneys have reported receiving emails asking them to contact a potential client needing legal representation. The emails appear to be referrals sent from reputable law firms, but are instead fradulent.

The following is an example of this fraudulent type of email:

Subject: My client's contact
Importance: High
Thank you for your email. I have asked my client to contact you directly with pertinent information. My client's information is given below;

Mathis Traugott
ZeligSteel AG
Headquarters, sales and Krefeld plant
Oberschlesienstrasse 16
47807 Krefeld, Germany.

It is my thinking that a direct communication from my client will allow for better understanding of the case at hand. I copied my client as well. My client has expressed the need to commence legal action immediately and I ask that you kindly accord him the necessary attention.

I hope this is acceptable.

Acknowledge receipt of my email.

Always be careful when responding to emails requesting information. A “phishing” scam may appear to be a reputable company contacting you through email, but could be a predator attempting to obtain personal information. If there is any doubt, make an independent confirmation before disclosing information.

If you become the victim of an Internet-based scam, contact the government agency with jurisdiction over the type of scam involved:

For more helpful information, please read the OSBA LawFacts Pamphlet "Online law."



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