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OSBA ReportsDear OSBA member,

As you might have read from the Supreme Court of Ohio’s recent press release, the Court has decided to publish Supreme Court opinions on a bi-weekly basis and to discontinue printing appellate and trial court decisions.

Some of our members are asking how this will affect the OSBA Report. The Ohio State Bar Association is aware of how valuable the OSBA Report is to its members, and has decided to continue to select and print appellate opinions, but we will follow the direction of the Supreme Court with a bi-weekly publication schedule. The OSBA is partnering with its joint official publisher, West, to select and publish the appellate opinions that are most valuable to our members. This will begin July 2, 2012.

The OSBA anticipated the decision of the Supreme Court, so we created and launched a new online version of the OSBA Report, which contains a brief summary for every decision that has been posted to the Court’s website with links to full decisions. The online OSBA Report is available as either a daily or a weekly email and offers practice area and jurisdiction customization. It is mobile web-enabled so you can carry all the latest court decisions, OSBA news and job opportunities with you on your smart phone or tablet.

It is important to note that, according to the Supreme Court Rules for the Reporting of Opinions, all court of appeals opinions issued after May 1, 2002, may be cited as legal authority and weighted as deemed appropriate by the courts without regard to whether the opinion was published or in what form it was published.

The OSBA will continue to set the standard for producing quality publications, print and online, that our members have come to expect.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Director of Publications Nina Corbut at


Judge Patrick Fischer
OSBA President

Carol Seubert Marx
OSBA Immediate Past President



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