OLAF announces 2013 Prime Partner institutions

American Bank, Key Bank, PNC, and US Bank were announced today as Prime Partner financial institutions by the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation (OLAF).
American and US Bank join Key Bank and PNC, who were inaugural 2012 Prime Partner banks. Prime Partner financial institutions have met the OLAF’s criteria for charitable giving, employee involvement, and corporate support for Ohio’s legal aid programs. 
The selected financial institutions also offer IOLTA and IOTA accounts—lawyer and title agent trust accounts—with rates and terms above the minimums required to establish the accounts.
“We have added two additional, exceptional institutions to our roster of Prime Partners,” said Ohio State Bar Association member Angela M. Lloyd, Executive Director for OLAF. “Ohio’s legal aids appreciate the support of financial institutions that recognize the great need of families, seniors, and veterans in their communities, and the institutions’ dedication to helping address that need.”
Prime Partner financial institutions will be promoted by OLAF to members of the OSBA at the Association’s Annual Meeting and Convention May 8 through 10, in Cleveland.
OLAF was established in 1994 to fund and to enhance civil legal aid for low income Ohioans. OLAF uses no general revenue funds, but instead utilizes dollars earned from the interest on lawyers trust accounts, the interest on real estate trust accounts, and a civil filing fee surcharge to ensure that low income veterans, children, victims of domestic violence, and people facing foreclosure have access to legal information, advice and representation.

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