OSBA calls for appropriate ballot language for Issue 2

Ohio flagThe Ohio State Bar Association called on the Ohio Ballot Board to adopt new ballot language related to Issue 2 that does not mislead the voters so Ohioans can have a clear understanding of what the proposed amendment will do.

Specifically, the OSBA asks the Ballot Board to include specific information about who selects the citizens commission to draw districts.  As the Supreme Court of Ohio said in its opinion yesterday, “It is axiomatic that “[w]ho does the appointing is just as important as who is appointed.”

The OSBA has taken a position in opposition to Issue 2 solely because the proposed amendment inappropriately involves the judiciary by blurring the clearly-delineated lines separating the branches of government and makes judges and courts more vulnerable to political influence.

The proposed amendment requires Ohio appellate judges to select members of the commission, a function that the OSBA believes places justice in jeopardy. Judges must remain independent, fair and impartial to follow the law and the constitution without regard to politics.

For more information, please visit the OSBA's Protect Justice Ohio website.



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