OSBA launches national professional digital advertising network

At the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, the Ohio State Bar Association’s for-profit subsidiary and gainSHARE Marketing announced the launch of proSHARESM, the first national professional digital advertising network that works directly with Google to help associations earn non-dues revenue.

Through a national network of bar associations, proSHARE generates revenue by connecting these bar associations with national advertisers that purchase under-used digital ad space on existing websites.

proSHARE provides an ad network at no cost to bar associations. There is no need for dedicated personnel: proSHARE analyzes bar associations’ websites and identifies ad inventory to maximize revenue-producing ad space, sells the space, places the ads, collects the sales revenue and pays the associations a percentage of the collected ad revenue.

Associations that join the proSHARE network fully control which advertisers will appear on their sites.

Without compromising the integrity or design of the associations’ current website, proSHARE generates new digital sales inventory. proSHARE also provides bar associations with marketing and reporting mechanisms that track the performance of the program.

“Google is excited to work with the OSBA and proSHARE on their aggregated digital advertising network. It is my responsibility to find strategic partnerships for Google, and proSHARE offers a unique opportunity to connect our advertisers with premium/high-income audiences that make up association memberships,” said Google Partner Development Executive Bola Akinsanya.

OSBA President Jonathan Hollingsworth said, “The OSBA has a history of being entrepreneurial, and we have identified an opportunity with proSHARE to generate non-dues revenue for our organization, and for other bar associations that participate. Non-dues revenue is important to all associations, because it allows them to strengthen their member benefits and services without having to increase member dues. proSHARE will help all participating associations accomplish this important goal.”

For more information, visit prosharemarketing.com.



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