OSBA letter on redistricting sent to Constitutional Modernization Commission

State of OhioThe Ohio State Bar Association delivered a letter to the co-chairs of the Constitutional Modernization Commission asking that it give priority on its agenda to the matter of redistricting.

The OSBA opposed Issue 2, a proposed constitutional amendment on redistricting, because it inappropriately involved the judiciary in the redistricting process. The voters of Ohio soundly defeated Issue 2, but many, including the OSBA, believe that Ohio’s redistricting process is in need of reform.

“During the fall campaign, the OSBA said that the Constitutional Modernization Commission is the proper venue for the discussion about revising Ohio’s redistricting process. The letter the Association sends today follows through on that belief and is designed to keep the spotlight on the need for redistricting reform,” said OSBA President Patrick Fischer, who is also a member of the Constitutional Modernization Commission.

Click here to read the OSBA's letter to the Constitutional Modernization Committee.



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