OSBA Sustaining Members make a difference

​Each year, a group of special lawyers steps forward to provide additional financial support beyond regular dues payments for the good work of the Ohio State Bar Association. These OSBA Sustaining Members pledge an additional $90 above their regular dues, an amount that makes a significant difference in the OSBA’s ability not only to provide top-notch service to Ohio lawyers, but also to provide the public with information they need about our profession and the legal system.

Annual OSBA dues account for about half of the Association’s budget. Continuing legal education and other non-dues revenue sources make up a large portion of the remainder. Additional financial support from Sustaining Members helps the OSBA bridge the gap and make a real difference.

Demonstrating a commitment to your chosen profession and declaring our loyalty to the work of the OSBA will help preserve the OSBA’s legacy of service to the profession and the public. The additional $90 you provide this year will confirm your commitment to our profession and the good work of our Association.

Sustaining Members are publicly recognized in Ohio Lawyer magazine, at the OSBA Annual Convention and at the Association’s district meetings. They also receive a certificate of appreciation. While we know fame is not your primary motivator, by recognizing and appreciating your decision to become a Sustaining Member, we hope your colleagues will be motivated to join the ranks as well.

To become an OSBA Sustaining Member, simply add the Sustaining Member dues to your dues statement. Thank you for your continued support of the OSBA.



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