OSBAid-like “SOLACE” program spurs member toward incredible act of generosity

Earlier this month, a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association community action program SOLACE (Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel—All Concern Encouraged) was preparing to make an incredible difference in the life of Jason, the young son of a New Orleans attorney, who needed a kidney transplant.

Through a program similar to the one offered by the Ohio State Bar Association, OSBAid, a New Orleans attorney offered to donate his kidney to Jason, was identified as a possible matching donor, and was scheduled for his final medical test.

However, the test was not necessary, because Jason received a new kidney from a young accident victim from northern Louisiana. After hearing the good news, the SOLACE member who was the potential donor, and his wife, both were more than happy to make such a wonderful donation to Jason.

OSBAid is also prepared to help colleagues in their times of need by alerting all OSBA members and giving them the opportunity to support you in your time of crisis. Click here to find out more.



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