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OSBA members:

Earlier this summer you received notice that the Ohio State Bar Association was beginning a new service called OSBAid aimed at providing direct assistance to OSBA members, their familes, their staff and the immediate family members of their staff. As the moderator for that program, I wanted to take a moment to provide some additional information and explanation about the program.

OSBAid is a simple way for the OSBA's 31,000 members to reach out and provide direct help to others in the profession who are in need. It is a way to tap into the vast resources of our membership to provide assistance in small ways that have large consequences.

OSBAid is based on a program called "Solace," which originated at the Louisiana State Bar and was adopted by many other states. Like OSBAid, Solace does not directly solicit monetary donations, but it does provide opportunities for legal practitioners in Louisiana to assist others in the practice of law. Among the recent emails sent by Solace are a:

  • Request for help in finding transportation to Belize for the uncle of a New Orleans attorney who was dying of brain cancer and wanted to return home to visit his only son;
  • Plea for clothing and other day-to-day items for the family of a Baton Rouge attorney whose house was struck by lightning and destroyed in a resulting fire; and
  • Notification that an attorney and his wife had decided to donate the organs of their child who had died in a tragic accident and a call for information on patients who might benefit from those organs.
Requests are carefully screened before being emailed to the entire OSBA membership, and we anticipate that there will be only a handful of email requests generated on an annual basis.

If you, a family member, an employee or the family member of an employee are in need of assistance, you can submit a request here. As lawyers, we devote our careers to getting the best possible outcomes for clients. Through OSBAid we work together to get the possible outcomes for each other.


David Hejmanowski, moderator of OSBAid



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