OSBF announces Denny L. Ramey Education Fund

Denny L. RameyThe trustees of the Ohio State Bar Foundation (OSBF) have established the Denny L. Ramey Education Fund to honor Denny Ramey for his service and unwavering support of the legal profession.

Having served as the executive director of the Ohio State Bar Association and treasurer of the OSBF for 26 years, Ramey has been recognized as an innovative bar leader. He has guided the OSBA and the OSBF through numerous changes and expansions. These changes have strengthened both organizations, and enabled each to better cater to the needs of Ohio’s lawyers.

Ramey credits his parents for instilling in him an appreciation for learning. “As a kid from Portsmouth, my parents urged me to get a good education so my world would open up.” To help others widen their own horizons, the Denny L. Ramey Education Fund will support projects in the Appalachian region of Ohio that further the educational purposes of the Foundation.

“We hope that by giving students the tools they need to succeed, they will grow up to become leaders in their professions and communities like Denny has done,” said Heather G. Sowald, OSBF president.

When asked what the establishment of the Education Fund meant to him, Ramey said, “The recognition is very special to me and a bit overwhelming.”

Ramey received his BBA in management and economics from Ohio University and his MBA from Capital University. He was born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio and is a 1965 graduate of Portsmouth High School.



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