Share the road with cyclists

Bike riderSafe driving starts with mutual respect and consideration among all parties on the road. Motorists and cyclists share the same rights and must develop an understanding about safe driving practices
The following are safety recommendations courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists and SafetyXChange.

For motorists

Keep a safe distance. Smaller vehicles like bikes can stop abruptly. At night, they’re more difficult to see, even with reflectors and headlights.

Always anticipate. Cyclists often require both hands to drive so they sometimes can’t use hand signals when turning.

Pass with care. Allow plenty of room in case the cyclist strays from their lane.

Recognize their rights. Cyclists have the same rights to the road as drivers.

For cyclists

Know the law. Learn your state traffic rules and abide by them.
Increase visibility. Wear bright colors and use reflective devices and safety flags.

Find the proper fit. Fatalities often occur because a bike is too large or small for the cyclist to control.

Don’t hog the road. Intentionally crowding the lane may unnerve a motorist.

Be predictable. Try to stay in a straight line. Signal your turns when you can, and check behind you before turning or changing lanes.

Protection is key. Never ride without a helmet.

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