Supreme Court seeks comments on Rules of Practice amendments

The Supreme Court of Ohio will accept public comment until Nov. 13 on its reorganized and renumbered Rules of Practice that mirror the flow of a case before the Supreme Court.

The reorganization presents a more logical ordering of the rules for attorneys and self-represented litigants to help them locate filing requirements, according to Kristina Frost, clerk of the Court.

Many of the other proposed changes are clarifying and non-substantive, but there are a few proposed substantive changes. They include:

  • Allowing certain documents to be filed by email instead of fax under S.Ct. Prac. R. 3.1 (C); and
  • Adopting rules for cases involving the practice of law to address the procedural and mechanical requirements not specified in the Gov. Bar and Gov. Jud. Rules.

Access the complete text of the proposed amendments. Comments should be submitted in writing to:

Justin Kudela, Case Management Counsel
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street, Eighth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215



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