Third generation attorney carries on family legacy

Pursuing a career in law was an easy decision for Will Flautt; it runs in the family. Flautt is now a member of the family’s practice along with his father, longtime Perry County attorney Joseph Flautt. His late grandfather, George W. Flautt, was also an attorney.
Will and Joseph Flautt“Growing up in a family of attorneys, I naturally gravitated toward that path,” he explained. “I took some law classes in college, and that helped me confirm that I wanted to be a lawyer.” According to Flautt, his father supported his decision to pursue a career in law, with a caveat. “When I was considering moving back home and joining the practice,” he said, “my father told me that as long as I was willing to work hard and put in the hours, there was no reason I couldn’t have a very successful legal career.”

In 2006, Flautt graduated from Miami University with a degree in diplomacy and foreign affairs. He went on to attend Capital University School of Law and earned his juris doctor degree.
After having focused his practice on personal injury and auto accidents over the past three years, Flautt is now transitioning into general practice at Joseph A. Flautt, Ltd., LPA, in Somerset. He will handle real estate, estate planning, probate, wills and trusts, and tax matters while continuing to handle personal injury and auto accident cases. In the future, Flautt would like to help grow the family practice and perhaps move into politics. He offered, “Someday I hope to become involved with the Perry County Prosecutor’s Office, where my father is currently the elected prosecutor, as his father was before him.”
For Flautt, accepting his family’s legacy means more than pursuing a law career; it also means being involved in the community. He said, “Through my father and grandfather, my family has been serving the community in both legal and non-legal capacities for a very long time,” adding, “I hope to continue to build on the legacy they have created, especially now that I am back home practicing and have more time to focus on service.”

Currently, Flautt is a member of Holy Trinity Parish/St. Joseph Parish and has been a member of the Ohio State Bar Association since 2009. He is also involved with the Perry County Bar Association and the American Legion.
In his free time, Flautt enjoys playing basketball, softball and kickball, attending sporting events and spending time with friends and family, including his father, his mother Nancy and his brother Alan. You can also find him in the kitchen trying out new recipes, the spicier the better, in his opinion. “I love to cook,” he said. “I find it relaxing after a long day to put on one of my favorite blues or jazz records and cook a nice meal. It’s a great way for me to clear my mind.”



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