Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs a bright idea

Fluorescent light bulbIf you are looking to save some money for your law office and help the environment, then you need to turn off your dependency on standard incandescent light bulbs.

According to Barron K. Henley and Paul J. Unger, co-authors of the OSBA’s award-winning online law office resource, OfficeKeeper, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) is easier than you think. It is estimated by General Electric that if every household replaced just one standard light bulb with a CFL, it would result in a combined savings of $600 million a year in energy costs. It would also eliminate the emissions created by 800,000 cars. Most households have 20-30 bulbs.

However, CFLs do have small amounts of mercury. General Electric advises the following: “Like paint, batteries, thermostats, and other hazardous household items, CFLs should be disposed of properly. Do not throw CFLs away in your household garbage if better disposal options exist. To find out what to do, check www.earth911.org (where you can find disposal options by using your zip code) or call 1-877-EARTH911 for local disposal options. 

Another option is to check directly with your local waste management agency for recycling options and disposal guidelines in your community. Additional information is available at www.lamprecycle.org.” Some stores take back used CFLs, and many are currently exploring take back programs.

For more ways to “go green” with your law office technology, check out OfficeKeeper, exclusively on OhioBar.org.



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