Turn that old machine into something green

RecycleOne convenient and affordable way to help the environment is by recycling your unwanted office equipment.

In Ohio, we are fortunate to have one of the largest computer recycling companies in the country. You can team with Redemtech, Inc. (www.redemtech.com) or a similar company to redirect disposed PCs to nonprofits, for resale or to recycle parts. Redemtech also ensures that all data is removed and cannot be recovered. Costs vary based on the residual value.

You can also recycle your old computers and reduce landfill deposits by using one or more of the following services:

Alternatively, consider wiping the data yourself and donating the PCs to employees or to a local nonprofit agency.

For more strategies to "go green" with law office technology, check out the OSBA's online law office management resource, OfficeKeeper.



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