An interview with OSBA President Martin E. Mohler

​​​Martin E. MohlerWhether leading a state's worth of Association attorneys or strumming the strings at a rock show, OSBA President Martin E. Mohler knows how to handle the pressure and deliver an amazing performance.

Why did you become a lawyer? Was there anyone in particular who inspired you?
I was interested in becoming a lawyer at an early age. While no one in my family was an attorney, I became interested as I began to read and study various court cases. I majored in English in college, which prepared me for law school. The profession has been good to me, and I’m trying to give a little back.

What are the benefits of being an OSBA member?
The benefits of becoming an OSBA member are many. Perhaps the most gratifying are the relationships. I have friends throughout the state. The networking and services we provide (Casemaker, OBLIC, CLE, etc.) are superior. We are truly indispensable to Ohio lawyers. I want the OSBA to continue to advocate for Ohio lawyers on a number of fronts. The OSBA represents lawyers with our elected officials, and has maintained—and will continue to maintain—an active legislative agenda thanks to the good work of all of our committees and sections. It is my personal goal to see that we fully represent the lawyers of Ohio.

What can the OSBA do for young lawyers? How do you plan on getting young lawyers involved in the OSBA?
Two of my children are attorneys, and it’s important for me to see them derive the same benefits that I have been able to enjoy from my work with bar associations, both at the state and local level. I have always supported the work of the OSBA’s Young Lawyers Section and its efforts to involve young lawyers in the bar association. Personally, I take pride in trying to mentor and recruit young lawyers and to help them appreciate the value of bar affiliation. I have appointed more young lawyers to leadership roles in the committees and sections, both to help them and to help the OSBA grow and perpetuate the same level of quality service our members are accustomed to. And, for our law students, we provide free OSBA memberships and opportunities like Distinguished Alumni programs in Ohio’s law schools.

How is the OSBA going to deal with the challenges of the aging of the profession?
Our Senior Lawyers Section has made great strides in assisting our seasoned lawyers. We need to keep them engaged and active in the OSBA. Seminars and articles provided by the Senior Lawyers Section provide a wealth of information to our older members on diverse topics such as Social Security, Medicare, health insurance, disposing of a law practice and others. We’re also linking our seasoned attorneys with younger lawyers so that they can share their experiences.

What is the one thing you’re determined to accomplish during your term?
I intend to build on the programs initiated by Pat Fischer and Jon Hollingsworth. In addition, specialty courts, diversity and legal services will be priorities. I especially want to explore how we promote specialty courts and dockets, and to recognize the unique needs and implications of certain types of cases and the benefit these specialty courts can have. We need to continue and expand our focus on showing respect for our service men and women, and our veterans. They leave and sometimes encounter combat, and some come back with special problems that can best be addressed by veterans’ courts. I want the OSBA to continue to speak loudly for legal services for veterans, and for veterans’ courts to allow for the fair administration of justice.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you would like to add?​​​​
Diversity is another key issue for me. Our profession, thankfully, has grown to reflect our communities and the people we serve, as well as the people who may have been traditionally underserved. A primary focus for me will be the continued expansion of OSBA and the inclusion of all lawyers—those just entering the practice, women, and lawyers of color and from other minority groups who have sometimes been under-represented.



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