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By Robert L. Ellis​
The GDPR is a set of rules restricting how data regarding Europeans can be collected and processed.[1]  Starting on May 25, 2018, the GDPR will be enforceable against American companies, ...

By Stephanie Hanna
Just last year, The Washington Post reported that the law is the least diverse profession in the nation. ...

Book Review: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Feminist Foundations of Family Law
By Bradley S. Le Boeuf
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a founder of the American women's rights movement, was not one to mince words. ...

The least understood branch of government

By Michael E. Flowers

In high school civics courses, we learned that our system of government has three branches—the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. Of these three branches, it is the judicial branch that is often the least understood. ...

Magna Carta: The first 800 years

By Michael E. Flowers

In 1215, a group of English barons rebelled against an oppressive King John in the meadow at Runnymede, England. These rebellious barons persuaded King John to affix his seal to a document called the “Charter of Liberties,” which has come to be known as Magna Carta. ...



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